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  • Double Trouble Metal Worx Pipedream

    Was$99.95 // Now $69.99

    Made from sleek, polished steel, this rabbit style dildo will have you rocking and rolling. Designed to simulate two fingers and a thumb, it's an incredible G-spot and clitoral stimulator that lavishes attention on all of your sexiest spots. This metal dildo offers firm stimulation of your G-spot and clitoris simultaneously, pleasuring your most sensitive areas for an intense climax.
    The vaginal dildo measures offers 4 inches of insertable length, making it the perfect length to tease and engorge your G-spot. The double finger vaginal dildo features a deep central ridge and two curvy tips to indulge your pleasure zones. With a 4.75 inch girth, you'll feel perfectly filled. The clitoral stimulator sits at a 70 degree angle above the vaginal dildo, ensuring the best possible contact. Measuring 2.5 inches in length, it's perfectly cast to hit your clit every time. This dildo offers the same sensation and shape as a rabbit vibrator - without the vibrations. Two stimulators mounted on a finger loop makes rocking the dildo back and forth effortless, allowing you to get lost in your pleasure. Presented in a secure travel box with a foam insert, you're assured that this luxury sex toy will stay clean and hidden from prying eyes when not in use.

    Tax: $7.70 CAD
  • Fetish Fantasy Heavy Duty Mask

    Was $42.95 // Now $39.99

    Take sensory play to the extreme with the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Heavy Duty Mask. This solid black eye mask is made from high-quality genuine leather with metal studs on the front eyeshade. The mask is held in place with a sturdy leather strap with metal eyelets and a metal buckle, and easily adjusts in the back to fit most sizes. It's perfect for beginners and fetish enthusiasts alike, made to play hard, and sure to put your partner in a pleasurable state of darkness and anticipation! One size fits most.

    Tax: $4.40 CAD
  • Nobu Romantic Massage Kit

    Was $36.99 // Now $29.95

    All in one box... your recipe and 5 ingredients for sensual romance for you and your partner. Starting with the intimate lighting of the NOBU Massage Candle (made from all natural ingredients of course), a playful blindfold to add a touch of mystery, then the soft touch of delicious NOBU Dry Massage Oil (a combination of fine oils that soak into the skin, never greasy), sooth aching muscles with the Tripod Massager (fully waterproof, ergonomic design for massage around body curves, wireless, battery operated), and when the moment is just right introduce the Compact Massager / Rocket (with 4 switchable heads), for probing and stimulating your lovers intimate zones.This Kit Contains:* Coco Aromatic Massage Oil* Ocean Scent Ambiant Massage Candle* Tripod Vibrating Massager* Blindfold* Compact Travel Massager with 4 Switchable Heads

    Tax: $3.29 CAD
  • Womanizer The Original

    Was $199.99 // Now $169.99

    Available in Black, White and Blue

    The Womanizer Premium is the ideal combination of new technologies and high-quality design. The Pleasure Air technology stimulates your clitoris without making contact – from supersoft to superpower in 12 different intensity levels. With the new autopilot function, you experience your orgasm unexpectedly, and in a surprisingly new way. The rhythm changes with every use. Smart Silence senses your desire. The Womanizer Premium only starts when it is almost touching the surface of your skin. This not only makes it quieter to use, but also makes your enjoyment even more intense. Thanks to its unique processing, the Womanizer Premium is completely waterproof.

    Tax: $18.70 CAD
  • Red Doc Johnson Boy XL Butt Plug

    Was $69.95 // Now $59.99

    Tax: $6.60 CAD
  • The Ultimate Couples Kit

    Was $120.95 // Now $99.99

    Over 100 ways to please your lover! Multi- Function Power Pak with 4 Interchangeable Plug-in Stimulators; 3 Pliable Heads; 2 Nipple Clamps; 1 Enhancer Ring and a stylish storage case

    Tax: $11.00 CAD
  • Love Swing

    was $199.95 // Now $179.99

    Hundreds of combination's of positions for one or two people. Soft padded stirrups for feet, ankles, calves, or thighs. Soft padded stirrups for back and butt supports are fully adjustable. Fully adjustable, extra wide, ballistic weave nylon straps for maximum comfort. Fully adjustable hanging hardware for different heights and bounce Weight limit is 200lbs when it hangs from the spring. If you take the spring off, the weight limit is 400lbs. Sold as a novelty only.

    Tax: $19.80 CAD
  • Fetish Fantasy Saddle

    Was $99.95 // Now $59.95

    • The saddle installs in minutes and requires no assembly, tools or hardware. Simply attach the saddle to the existing back/butt strap on your Fantasy Swing and attach the suction cup dildo to the center seat harness.
    • The dildo securely stays in place when the action heats up and the padded cushion lets you enjoy hours of fun.

    Tax: $6.59 CAD
  • Liberator Ramp Black SOLD OUT

    Was $249.95 // Now $189.99

    Love on an elevator. A global bestseller, the Ramp offers support with a deep slope elevation. It strategically lifts your lover’s hips to an altitude of 10 to 12 inches, offering access at critical angles that accentuate sensitivity. Off the side of the bed, the elevation electrifies each sweet sensation, sending you into a quivering, shivering sweaty love-bliss oblivion.

    Tax: $20.90 CAD
  • Liberator Plush Seduction Kit Black

    Was $99.95 // Now $79.99

    Combining a few supremely simple, ultra luxe elements of pleasurable play into an irresistibly plush, gorgeously designed collection ideal for adventurous mates, Liberator's Plush Seduction Kit allows for an astounding array for erotically bound-up endeavors. From simple wrist restraint to ankle confinement, escape-proof tether set-ups and bed bondage play, the kit delvers with all cuffs, connectors, tie-downs required, plus the must-have blindfold.

    Six Cuff Connectors are included- two of these can be used to snap together either or both pairs of cuffs, or attached to the ends of four 50" (127cm) Tie-Downs. These long nylon straps each feature a lasso at one end to be looped around bedposts or other compatible pieces of bondage furniture- they can be knotted, twisted and otherwise manipulated in any number of ways to conform to specific position requirements.

    Crowning the Kit and adding that last element of excitement to playtime, Liberator's Blindfold was created for unparalleled comfort in the midst of full black-out- a no-peek nose bridge sits flush agasint the face, completely blocking light and sight as well as any inkling of what's to come.

    Tax: $8.80 CAD
  • Powerbullet Breeze

    Was $49.95 // Now $29.99
    Vibrating Massager

    Company: BMS Enterprises

    Other Information: 3-speed, requires 4 "AAA" batteries, 6" and white

    Tax: $3.30 CAD
  • Icicles Gold Edition

    Was $60.00 // Now $49.95
    The exquisite Icicles Gold Edition takes the sensual art of glass making to a whole new level of luxury with sophisticated styling and an elegant gold finish. Hand-crafted with amazing attention to detail, each Icicle is sleek, unique, and made to last a lifetime. 

    Tax: $5.49 CAD
  • Bloom - WE - VIBE - Vibrating kegal balls

    Was $130.99 // Now $110.99
    With the free We-Connect™ app you can add pleasure by switching between preset vibes and customizing your own vibes. Enjoy using Bloom by We-Vibe™ to tone and strengthen your PC muscles. Bloom makes doing Kegels a lot more fun. Easy to insert, simple to use, and with rumbly vibrations it adds pleasure to your workout. With three interchangeable weights, Bloom can be adjusted to increase your level of inner fitness.

    Tax: $12.21 CAD
  • Earthly Body The Mood Set

    Was $49.95 // Now $29.95

    • Plug-In Decorative Oil Lamp
    • 1 oz. Massage Oil
    • 1 oz. Personal Moisturizer
    • 4 Massage Melts

    Tax: $3.29 CAD
  • 10 #ExplorePlayDiscover

    Other Information: includes tango, special edition battery-powered we-vibe, womanizer starlet, dusk, sash, lube by pjur, massage candle, sexy dice and tickler.
    Was $350.00 // Now $289.99

    Tax: $31.90 CAD
  • Calextoics Rimming Probe with Remote

    Was $99.99 // Now $89.99

    12 Functions, Rotating beads, Wristband Remote, USB rechargable

    Tax: $9.90 CAD
  • Bath Bliss Bashful Blue

    Multi-speed waterproof massager, scented bath bomb, scented candle and inflatable bath pillow
    Was $39.95 // Now $29.95

    Tax: $3.29 CAD
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