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  • CalExotics Cheeky 2pc Butt Plug Kit

    Let's play! Get plugged in with the Cheeky™ line of anal plugs!
    Each piece has its own individual texture, and the sturdy flanged base with a suction cup ensures secure adult play with maximum sexual wellness. For use on a single partner but enhanced with couples’ play, these butt plugs will add some excitement to any playtime. Each package includes two individual sizes (large probe is 3.5x2 inches, small probe is 2x1.25 inches), giving you all the variety that you are ready for, made with a hygienically superior and body-safe silicone. Start small and work your way to the top-- or, if you're experienced, jump right in to the larger size. The completely water-proof device can be used in or outside of the water, and we always recommend high-quality lubricants with this type of adult toys.

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  • Nobu Glass Gems 3pcs Kit GS.1

    Become enchanted with these beautiful handcrafted glass gems! Nobu glass gems give you the exquisite design and pleasure you deserve, with the best and most versatile materials available for your body. Our shatter-resistant glass is non-porous and so easy to clean. Rinse with any soap and water, or you can sterilize it (and share it!) by simply boiling it. Glass gems are ideal for temperature play and can be used with any type of lube or massage oil. The smooth, seamless glass provides a luxurious feel with a pleasant and satisfying weight. Discover all the magic of the gems! Kit Includes : Nobu G.4 , Nobu G.5 & Nobu G.11.

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  • Nobu Glass Gems 3pcs Kit

    Become enchanted with these beautiful handcrafted glass gems! Nobu glass gems give you the exquisite design and pleasure you deserve, with the best and most versatile materials available for your body. Our shatter resistant glass is non-porous and so easy to clean. Rinse with any soap and water, or you can sterilize it and share it, by simply boiling it. Glass gems are ideal for temperature play and can be used with any type of lube or massage oil. The smooth, seamless glass provides a luxurious feel with a pleasant and satisfying weight. Discover all the magic of the gems! Kit includes Nobu G4 , Nobu G5 and Nobu G11.

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  • Topco Climax Anal Tush Teaser Training Kit

    Get ready to stretch and fill up your favorite hole with Tush Teaser Anal Trainer Kit from the Climax Collection by Topco! The 3-piece collection of waterproof, silicone anal plugs that feature a drool-worthy design in bold, bright colors to satisfy your kinky needs! These plugs feature a slight bulb at the tip and a flared angle at the base. Shaped to ensure gentle, gradual insertion and stretch, Tush Teasers by Topco fit naturally in your butt, while a thin, T-bar base fits comfortably between two cheeks and prevents the toy from slipping all the way in. Crafted for an easy, comfortable, body-safe anal play, Climax Tush Teasers are made from medical-grade, phthalate-free 100% silicone that cleans in a snap when boiled, placed in the top rack of the dishwasher, or washed with antibacterial soap. Climax Tush Teasers can be warmed or cooled with water for even more variety in solo love, foreplay or coupled sex.

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  • Decadent Delights Edible Massage Gift Box

    Indulge yourself and your partner in this sensual massage gift set specially designed to engage all your senses. This romantic 3-in-1 candle, lotion, and oil will spark up the night and leave you and your partner feeling reconnected. Your skin will be left soft and supple with the aroma and delicious taste of sweet strawberry. Edible Massage Lotion: This deep moisturizing lotion, blended with nutrient-rich oils, provides an ideal glide for the perfect massage with a hint of tasty flavor. Edible Massage Oil: Add a bit of delightful decadence to any massage with our range of Hemp Seed Edible Massage Oils. With a professional slip that sits and absorbs smoothly, this massage oil is ideal for a back rub with a bit of flirtatious flavor. 3-in-1 Edible Massage Candle: Fire things up with our sensual Hemp Seed Edible Massage Candle. This fun candle melts into a sensual, moisturizing oil that can be used for a back or shoulder massage, while its subtle flavor adds a hint of fun for you and your partner to enjoy.

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  • CalExotics First Time Crystal Butt Plug Kit

    Available in Pink

    Give into your naughtiest fantasies and open yourself up to thrilling backdoor play with the First Time® Crystal Booty Kit. This glamorous kit includes a set of 3 graduated anal plugs with a gem base to let you safely and comfortably increase passionate anal stimulation. To enjoy everything the exhilarating world of anal play has to offer, training is in order to ensure total safety and satisfaction. Each probe in our kit gradually increases in length and girth for superb pleasure at any level of pleasure play. While each increase of your training expands your horizons, use the sparkling gem adorned base for steamy stimulation, effortless insertion and gentle removal. The flexible probes are made from a smooth, seamless silicone. This body safe material is unscented and phthalate free to keep your most sensitive spots happy and healthy.

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  • Fetish Fantasy Series Bed Binding Restraint Kit

    Live out some bound-up fantasies with the Bed Bindings Restraint Kit. This user friendly collection from Pipedream turns your bed into a playground of passion, with under-mattress straps that don't require a headboard or bedposts. Once the main strap is in place under your mattress, sturdy nylon tethers connect to 4 satin lined cuffs, one pair for the wrists and one for the ankles, keeping your playmate right where you want them. Perfect for beginners, and equally great for the experienced, this set is a must have for any playful and adventurous couple. Contains: 4 tethers, 2 velvet hand cuffs, 2 velvet leg/ankle cuffs and Black satin blindfold mask

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  • Fetish Fantasy Series Honeymoon Bondage Kit

    The Fetish Fantasy Series never fails to deliver the best fantasies, and now presents the Honeymoon Bondage Kit as the supreme kit for an ultimate honeymoon (or those pretending to be on a honeymoon!). Begin with lighting the candles to set the mood. Next, blindfold your lover with the additional mask to begin the fun. Instead of the ball and chain, grab the plush-lined cuffs to bind them and tie them down with the tethers. Next, use the feather tickler to make them squirm with every touch. Once they think you*'*re done with the torture, reassure them you*'*re not with the mini vibe. The three interchangeable caps each create a different sensation, or try the vibe without a cap for extreme vibration. This is guaranteed to have your lover screaming “I DO” all night long.

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  • My Mini-Miracle Massager Electro-Power Kit

    On Sale!! Regular Price: 79.99. Sale Price: 51.99!

    Our #1 selling compact Electric Mini-Miracle Massager is now paired with 4 flexible, removable attachments. MY mini miracle massager electro power kit features 2-speed high intensity motor, angled, soft, spring-mounted tip for ease-of-use and EZ grip handle. This powerful massager is made from PP (handle) and Phthalate-free PVC (head and attachments). 120 Volt AC charger included.

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  • Fetish Fantasy Series Lover's Fantasy Kit

    If you've been searching for the perfect way to turn some bondage-bent fantasies into reality, you've come to the right place! The Fetish Fantasy Series Lover's Fantasy Kit was specially created to inspire all you playful partners out there. Inside, you'll find find three bondage-play mainstays; a leather whip, a soft black eye mask, and a classic set of lock-and-key metal cuffs. Let's talk about the cuffs first! Completely lacking in bells and whistles, this sturdy pair is a perfect example of sexy simplicity. Designed to fit playful bondage scenarios of all types (not to mention wrists and ankles of just abut any size), the cuffs buckling tight to defy escape. A simple latch at the side of each opens the cuffs - push the ends together to close. A set of keys is included, but they're not totally necessary. You can keep that fact to yourself, if you like! As for the Leather Whip, it's completely capable of delivering lightly tickling tickles or more serious sting. The classic design includes a firm handle that provides a fantastic grip for the soft velvety strands. Trail it teasingly over sensitive skin body-wide, or flick firmly for more of a bite. Blocking light while keeping the submissive mate (literally) in the dark when it comes to the other's intentions, the included Satin Eye Mask creates amazingly in-tune sensuality and enhanced pleasure reception. In soft black satin, this playtime offering features a versatile elasticized strap. Each piece of the Lover's Fantasy Kit can very easily be used alone, or in combination with other play gear you might already own. We we highly recommend pairing them up for maximum sexy effect! Contains: Metal Handcuffs with Keys, Fantasy Leather Whip, and a Love Mask

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  • CalExotics Scandal Pony Play Kit

    Tame a wild playmate in gorgeous signature Scandal style- the luxury styling of this bit gag and pony tail plug set contrasts oh-so-sexily with definitely devious intentions. Saddle them up with a unique bridle-meets-restraint, the classic bit or bar gag gets both a pretty makeover and a commanding edge with patterned double stitched designer ties and attached reigns. The gag will keep oral disobedience under wraps while controlling the wearer's head movement- the reigns of course add yet another element of movement control. As for the tail, it's lush, silky and affixed to the end of a classic silicone butt plug sized nice and petite. Once inserted, the extra long tail will swish and swing with movement. Give it a little tug every now and then to remind 'em who's boss. The plug cleans easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam, try to keep the tail as dry as possible during cleaning (and playtime, for that matter). It's compatible with any favorite water based lube- don't be tempted to use a silicone lube, it can break down the material. The phthalate free PVC bit gag should be cleaned before and after using warm soapy water.

    * Measurements below represent the plug portion of the pony tail plug only. Including the tail, it's 24"/61cm in total length (including the tail)

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  • Fetish Fantasy Series Pink Passion Bondage Kit

    Whether you and your partner are bondage newbies, or you've earned your beginners badges and you're looking for a super-fun way to play, the beloved, best-selling Pink Passion Kit from Fetish Fantasy will definitely satisfy your desires for some free-range, totally versatile fantasy fulfillment. Inside, you'll find all you need to restrain, tease and (consensually, of course) dominate your mate. In sturdy bright pink nylon, the kit includes one pair of wrist cuffs and one pair of ankle cuffs, both softly lined and fully adjustable. The cuffs can be clipped together or used separately, plus, four fully adjustable tethers let you clip them to bedposts or other furniture. A breathable ball gag lets you (or them) explore the sensation of oral restraint, and a classic satin mask ties everything together, so to speak :)

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  • NSNovelties Sinful bondage kit

    Providing playful mates with a great-looking and very sexily functional collection of fantasy fulfillment gear, the Sinful Black Bondage Kit contains four interchangeable pieces designed to inspire. In sexy black patterned vinyl, a classic hogtie is up first. The simple criss-cross straps easily hold a partner's arms and legs together behind the back or in front of the body with the help of 2 included sets of cuffs. Sized to fit both wrists and ankles, the matching vinyl cuffs feature soft padded lining and quick, easily adjustable buckle closures. Clip 'em to the Hogtie, each other or other compatible bondage gear using sturdy swivel clasps. Rounding off the Kit is a shapely Hide and Seek Mask. A soft and stretchy elastic strap holds tight around the back of the head, securing the padded mask over the eyes. After use, wipe well using some antibacterial soap and water or a good toy care fluid/foam. 

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  • You2Toys Red Roses kit

    The Red Roses Sex Kit is a one stop shop for those couples who are looking for that steamy night in. Pick up this present packed set and you’ll both be occupied for hours. Choose from Vibrators, mini vibes, wired stimulators, anal beads, cock sleeves, anal plugs and more to spice up and add a spontaneous thrill to your evening. If you feel the spark has gone then the You2Toys Red Roses Sex Kit will put it back with a powerful kick to the nether regions! Get home lock the door and get started with just one of these rampant red toys!

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  • You2Toys Midnight Blue 9 Piece Spoiling Set

    Bring playfulness to your sex life with the Midnight Blue couples set, containing new and exciting sex toys you can use to arouse and stimulate, seduce and tease your partner. The set contains as many as nine titillating sex toys, bringing a whole new dimension to your favourite time together: Penis sleeve: For harder and longer lasting erections. Ecstasy Dildo: Enjoy both ends. For both anal and vaginal use. Classic Dildo Vibrator: With stepless vibrations. Penis sleeve for vibrator: Turn your vibrator into a powerful, vibrating dildo. Bullet Egg with remote control: To spice up your playtime. Spiral-shaped anal stick: Delightful anal stimulation for men and women. Anal finger: Experiment with kinky anal sex. Kegel balls: For both pleasure and to train your pelvic floor. Masturbation Sleeve: An upgrade to the classic hand job. The You2Toys Midnight Blue set is made of TPE and ABS. It uses four AA batteries, included in the set.

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  • You2Toys Wild Berries Kit

    With the You2Toys Wild Berries Sex Toy Set, you can bring your and your partner's sexiest fantasies to life.  The set contains everything you need for a sensual and romantic evening. It contains a dildo and a dildo vibrator that you can either use solo or with one of the two matching sleeves: A nodulated sleeve and a rabbit sleeve. The cock ring with clitoral stimulation is perfect for enhancing the sensation of sex for both him and her.The set also includes a pair of kegel balls that can be used before and during sex. If you want to experiment with anal stimulation, you can safely use the flexible anal chain with handle. The You2Toys Wild Berries Sex Toy Set contains seven different sex toys made of soft TPE and ABS plastic. The dildo vibrator uses two C batteries that must be purchased separately.

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  • The Ultimate Couples Kit

    On Sale!! Regular Price: 120.95. Sale Price: 91.99!

    Powerful, Interactive® collection for couples. Over 100 powerful combinations of programmed stimulation for couples, all in a storage case! Multi-function power pak vibrates, pulsates, and escalates the 4 interchangeable plug-in stimulators with 3 plush heads, 2 adjustable nipple clamps,and 1 comfortable enhancer ring. 4 AA batteries.

    Tax: $0.00 CAD
  • KamaSutra Weekender Kit: The Original

    Be ready for spontaneous romance with these petite sensual Kama Sutra luxuries. Perfect portions fit comfortably in a pocket, luggage, bag or purse for a weekend away Includes Oil of Love: Kissable, water-based body oil. Size: 0.20 fl oz (6 ml). Honey Dust: Kissable body powder with feather tickler for application. Size: 0.125 oz (3.5 g). Massage Oil Size: 0.20 fl oz (6 ml) A rich, emollient formula makes it a pleasure to give or receive a sensuous massage. Pleasure Balm Sensations Size: 0.125 fl oz (3.5ml) kissable, cooling body gel. Love Liquid Size: 0.20 fl oz (6 ml) Personal, water-based lubricant.

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  • KamaSutra Weekender Kit: Strawberry Dreams

    ELD-7377-2 Kama sutra weekender kit Strawberry Dreams. These small-yet-potent indulgences from Kama Sutra are as flavorful and aromatic as a luscious berry and theyre ripe for romance any time you desire. Tuck into a pocket purse or overnight bag. This Strawberry Dreams Weekender Kit contains travel sized portions of: Strawberry Dreams Oil of Love Strawberry Dreams Stimulating Pleasure Balm Strawberry Dreams Honey Dust and feather applicator Sweet Almond Massage Oil and Love Liquid sensual lubricant.

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  • PipeDream Royal Rabbit Kit

    Let Purple Reign! The Royal Rabbit Kit will be a pleasure for you and your wallet as purchased individually, this kit would retail for over $90. The vibrator is similar to the popular Krypton Stix vibe. The 6 ½ dong is a version of the very well liked Basix dong and the anal beads are a replica of these beadsToss in the vaginal balls which are similar to these ones. The penis ring, which is comparable to the Soft Rubber Erection Ring and the two sleeves which, when using the vibrator are similar to Alluring Senses and the Intrepid Rumbler, and you have a great box set for a very reasonable price Now that we have your attention with the savings, here are some great ways to use this amazing kit. The vibrator offers intense vibrations which can be used on its own, but can also be slipped inside the sleeves w/nubs for amazing vaginal stimulation, or put it into the sleeve with the bunny for clitoral fun. The dong is a great vaginal or anal toy, and the penis sleeve, (which has ticklers to stimulate the labia and clitoris), can be used on either the male partner or the vibrator The vaginal balls are synonymous with Kegel exercises and also have inner balls that move while you move, creating an experience that you will not forget. Can also be used for anal play. Last, but not least are the anal beads. Starting with the smallest bead we’ve seen, this is a great sex toy for beginners in anal play. All together, this is truly an amazing kit for couples or solo pleasure seekers alike.

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