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Kegal Tools

  • Gold Balls

    Enjoy the vibrating effect of the balls rocking to and fro inside the vaginal walls. It will cause an irresistible sexual stimulation beyond comprehension. You'll never be the same afterwards!

    Tax: $1.32 CAD
  • Calexotics Leopard Duotone Balls

    Perfectly weighted duotone balls •Sturdy nylon retrieval cord •ABS •1.25”/3 cm

    Tax: $1.32 CAD
  • Bloom - WE - VIBE - Vibrating kegal balls SOLD OUT

    Bloom by We-Vibe™ is a set of vibrating Kegel balls with progressive weights. Have fun exploring a new way to do your Kegel exercises. With progressive weights for toning and rumbly vibrations to enjoy, it’s designed with pleasure in mind. Bloom by We-Vibe™ makes strengthening your PC muscles fun and easy, so you may achieve more satisfying orgasms.

    Tax: $12.21 CAD
  • Satisfyer – Strengthening Balls – Kegel Balls

    The Strengthening Balls from Satisfyer help to strengthen the pelvic floor and create more intense orgasms.


    The Set includes: Regular 61.9 g / 2.18 oz; Skilled 82.1 g / 2.89 oz; Advanced 97.9 g / 3.45 oz

    Tax: $4.40 CAD
  • Satisfyer – V Balls – Kegel Balls Training Set

    The V Balls from Satisfyer help to strengthen the pelvic floor and create more intense orgasms, while the oscillating inner core creates a vibration effect for added pleasure.

    Company: Satisfyer

    The set includes: Regular 79.3 g / 2.79 oz; Skilled 114.1 g / 4.02 oz; Advanced 150.3 g / 5.30 oz

    Tax: $5.50 CAD
  • Mini Stella II Double Kegel Ball Set

    Squeeze me tight... Rise to new heights with KEY's Stella Mini Kegel Balls.

    Company: KEY presented by JOPEN

    Other Information: Soft and Luxurious, body safe silicone with 3 interchangable balls

    Tax: $4.72 CAD
  • Fantasy For Her Kegal Train-Her Set

    kegal trainer set
    Three levels of weights, povides and internal workout to strengthen your pelvic muscles

    Company: Pipedream

    Set of 3, 50g, 80g, 110g

    Tax: $5.50 CAD
  • Dr. Laura Berman

    Silicone weighted kegal exercisers

    Company: Calexotics

    Containsset of 2 gradually weighted kegal exercisers, 60g and 80g

    Tax: $5.50 CAD
  • Firefly Glass Kegel Eggs

    Glows in the Dark

    Company: nsnovelties

    Tax: $4.39 CAD
  • CYBERGlass Ben Wa Balls Blue Blossom

    Enhance Intimacy and Pleasure

    Company: Topco Sales

    Other Information: Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Waterproof, Glass Recycles & with Free Satin Storage Box

    Tax: $2.19 CAD
  • Silver Pearls

    Weighted Pearls In A Discreet Case    

    Company: California Exotic Novelties

    Other Information: 0.75"

    Tax: $3.18 CAD
  • Pleasure Pearls

    Seduced by the Sea! Weighted Ecstasy Balls

    Company: California Exotic Novelties

    Other Information: 3/4" & discreetly stored in a shell case

    Tax: $3.18 CAD
  • X-Citer Duo-Balls Purple

    The Vibrating Effect of the Balls Rocking Back and Forth causes Amazing Sexual Stimulation!

    Company: BMS Enterprises

    Tax: $1.32 CAD
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