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  • Hot - 54 Nude Women Playing Cards

    A single deck of playing cards consisting of 54 different photos of sexy nude women.

    Tax: $0.98 CAD
  • Hot - 54 Nude Men Playing Cards

    A single deck of playing cards consisting of 54 different photos of sexy nude men.

    Tax: $0.98 CAD
  • Erotic Dice

    Spice things up at your next playtime with these exotic dice! Roll the dice and perform whatever erotic task it unfolds with your partner for a naughty-good-time!

    Tax: $0.32 CAD
  • Glow In The Dark Erotic Dice

    Where Everyone Gets Lucky

    Company: BMS Enterprises

    Contents: 2 dice

    Players: For Couples

    Tax: $0.54 CAD
  • Kinky BDSM Dice

    Your Fantasy Awaits You!

    Company: Kheper Games

    Contents: 2 Dice

    Players: For Couples

    Tax: $0.98 CAD
  • Glow in the Dark Sex Dice

    Add Some Nighttime Naughtiness to Your Sex Life!

    Company: Kheper Games

    Contents: 3 Dice

    Players: For Couples

    Tax: $1.64 CAD
  • Hot & Spicy Party Dice

    The Erotic Dice Game For Fun Loving Couples

    Company: California Exotic Novelties

    Contents: 6 dice

    Players: For Couples 

    Tax: $2.19 CAD
  • Massage Seductions SALE

    24 Ways To Seduce Your Lover With Tender and Tantalizing Massage Techniques

    Company: Kheper Games

    Contents: 1 massage candle, 1 spoon, 24 massage seduction cards, 1 warming heart massager, helpful massage seduction tips & kit instructions 

    Players: For Couples

    Tax: $3.29 CAD
  • Foreplay Your Way

    The Sexy Sticker Game for Couples Where Your Body is the Board

    Company: BMS Enterprises

    Contents: 4 pages of stickers, powerbullet vibe, instructions, ostrich feather and blindfold

    Players: For Couples

    Tax: $2.74 CAD
  • Naughty Improv

    A wild party game!

    Company: Ozze Creations

    Contents: 64 illustration cards, 1 score card, 1 pencil & censorship is at your discretion

    Players: 4-8

    Tax: $4.39 CAD
  • Passion

    Closer Together

    Company: Ozze Creations

    Contents: 162 cards, 1 game board, 2 tokens, 1 notepad, 1 blindfold, 2 spin dials & 2 pencils

    Players: For Couples

    Tax: $4.39 CAD
  • Fantasy & Romance Game

    A board game is better than a boring game..
    So let the games begin.
    Get a life, have fun with your lover.

    Two players can enjoy this one.

    Tax: $3.30 CAD
  • Dope Dice Game

    In the Dope Dice Game, players divide into two teams and each team selects three dice of the same colour. Teams take turns rolling and then carrying out the actions on the dice. For example, you may be told to taste an edible or you might have to act out an impersonation for them.  For 2- 12 players. 

    Tax: $1.64 CAD
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